Friday, January 20, 2006

Jason and I. Jason is Julius Ceasar, and I'm a peonarazzi.  Posted by Picasa

El Jefe!!! Part Deux. Posted by Picasa

Jon and me in Jefe's car. Van. Posted by Picasa

Woah, Scott. Watch where you point that thing, man. Posted by Picasa

Suwannee House. Posted by Picasa

Whoa, Scott. Watch where you point that thing man. Posted by Picasa

Steve looks like a baby. Or something. Posted by Picasa

Study session. Posted by Picasa

House Partay! Posted by Picasa

Jon, Jason, Phil, Kyle, and Chris at the Diner. Funny note, I almost always spell Chris' name as Christ the first time around. Posted by Picasa

Matt aka Garlich and Josh aka Engaged. Posted by Picasa

Jon. 'Nuff said. Posted by Picasa

Dan and me. Currently, Dan is sexier. Posted by Picasa

Eric and Scott. Nord and Monkey. Posted by Picasa

Your mom wants you to eat at Jimmy John's! Posted by Picasa

Dan doesn't eat sandwiches, he vaporizes them. Posted by Picasa

Jason, Jon, room. They are good friends. Posted by Picasa

Dan the man with the master plan ran cause he can! Booya! Posted by Picasa

Jason. Also 'nuff said.  Posted by Picasa

The Room Part 5. Why are these uploading in wrong order?! Posted by Picasa

Josh and I. 100%, baby. Posted by Picasa

The Room Part 3 Posted by Picasa

The Room Part 4 Posted by Picasa

The Room Part 2 Posted by Picasa

El Jefe!!! Posted by Picasa


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