Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the deprivation sensory

I cannot feel God, I cannot hear,
I am a deaf meandering in dark hallways
touching walls, door handles,
of them are thousands and ten thousands,
and are all as cold to grasp as the first.
The vibrations of laughter shake my
sensitive skin, full of sweat and rage.
Where is my God? Without You I cannot Live,
nor Love in full; the Word feels dirty.
A filth from my eyes, a disgust on my lips-
Where are You?!
O my foolish mouth, the liar
Drenched in otherhate and selflove,
you will say anything to save your bones.
Would you say the Blasphemy to ease
the pain?
You lack courage to do what is right.
There is no strength in your body.
Do not deny what you Love
Do not bite the hand that feeds,
for you would surely die.

Go in peace, you blind liar,
and destroy yourself.


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I am a 22 year old person. I currently am studying Buddhism and practicing Zen. I love my family quite a bit and want to learn more about what makes life a good thing.