Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ejecting the Material

Uneventful eves breed the greatest depth of wisdom.

On this one, we lay and discuss the Truth, usefulness, meaning, and the surgical measures of God to, as I read, "Grow a flower out of manure."

A man longs for adventure, finds it in the pillows of dollars, a rain of assets. He purchases obscene houses, unnecessary vehicles, and parachutes. Or, material excess becomes the burden to shed, the block to all reality, attempts are made to unbutton the dress shirt and pull off the tie, quickly throw off the loafers, and in this the man's adventure is initiated. He runs to and fro, dodging intimacy and good will- The man thinks Truth lies on the bottom or on the top- and like a precipitous sinkhole and a tall tree, each path has a fatal outcome. Both relish in extremities of materialism; in fighting it, the one becomes entangled in it. Only when one extrapolates the essence of Life, that is, Christ, from one's love or hate, or ambivalence, towards materialism, is one then truly free from its vice grip. So money is nothing and poverty is nothing, and the life of the middle class is nothing, but Christ is everything. For when one realizes one's total insufficiency, Christ becomes the only image of Truth.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

an easter drive

a winter stream satisfied with itself,
for widening under a coy causeway.
she is heavy and gray, without want.
she loves me pure in her pregnant eyes.
she flows to my foolishness, as i pass,
where fireflies float in slow motion,
a silent waltz in spring.
sing to me sweet stream,
love me with all your soul.
my heart laves your mercies;
some yellow summer dress
dries in the branches by your shore.


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